5th and 8th Grade Teams Selected

The final rosters for our 5th and 8th grade teams have been determined.  They are posted under the Team Rosters tab.  Coaches will contact team members in the coming days to provide them with practice and team information.  

2020 Brengle Sneak Peak:  The class of 2020 returns several players and welcomes lots of new faces to the program.  Ben Weidner & Eli Patchett return as key perimeter players for the team and Zach Sibila and Mark McLaurin return as prominent post players.  The additions of versatile bigs including Zach Byrer and Kincaid McIntosh will add some rebounding and scoring on the inside.  Sharpshooters Jack Keller and Harrison Kirsh will space the floor and help facilitate the offense.  The point guard duties will likely be split between Kirsh and Zack Leedy.

2020 Snyder Sneak Peak: 2020 Snyder features talented ball handlers and good size down low.  Zach Allen, Blake Amundson, & Connor Maris will be key guards for the team, playing in conjunction with Andrew Davis and Ken Dimick.  T.J. LaPlante will be a force down low, especially when playing alongside Kaleb Vonderheide.  Drew Watson will provide some shooting, and Maverick Tebbe adds a skilled player capable of playing multiple positions.

The class of 2020 looks very strong!  We're excited to see their progress this season!