2018 Scott Team Preview

The 2017 & 2018 rosters have been set.  Team previews will be posted in the coming days for each high school team.  We kick off with a preview of 2018 Scott.

The team features a blend of intelligent guards, skilled bigs, and versatile wing players.  Trey Davis (Plainfield) and Brennan Winters (North Central) will offer a double dose of steady point guard play.  Davis' shooting ability and Winters' penetrating ability will compliment each other nicely.  Josh Van Dyke (Westfield) will provide a boost at that position as well when available.  Cameron Harris (Crawfordsville) and Luke Beaver (Martinsville) have potential for a breakout seasons on the wing due to their scoring prowess.  Luke Mann (Zionsville), and Zach Penley (Westfield) are dead-eye shooters and will help space the floor.  Kyaire Murray (Zionsville) is an exciting athlete and should be a defensive stopper.  Evan Mitchell (Westfield) has shooting ability, athleticism, and the ability to play multiple positions.  The team is anchored by a pair of Fishers bigs: Tyler Reddan and Jack Maller.  Both are big, physical, and feature polished post moves that will make them a threat on both ends.